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COVID-19 Info:

Digital textbooks and access codes are available to order by searching for your course. If "CEI" is in the title, you can still order and receive that product even if it is listed as 'out of stock' or 'Availability: 0'. If “CEI” is in the title, you should receive an email with a code to redeem very shortly after placing the order.

If used books are available and in stock, they will be listed as an option in the course listing.

Physical textbooks, and some ebooks, may be available to order through our affiliate Login Canada. Textbooks available through Login Canada will display a "Buy from our partners" dropdown link underneath the item description in Course Search (Books/Textbook Search). These will be billed and shipped by Login Canada. Some physical items are also available for ordering at this time. If they are currently in stock you can add to the cart through the Bookstore website.

If the course you are taking would usually be on campus but is being instructed remotely due to the pandemic (Remote Course), please choose “On Campus/Remote Learning” (course section numbers begin with the digit 0). If the course is usually offered online, even when campus is open choose “Online Courses” (course section numbers begin with the digit 8). Click here for further information.


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